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Snack Snack by the pool

After a late night and a rich breakfast served at the self service buffet you can relax by the pool sunbathing and cool up with a refreshing swim in the water.
Then if you get hungry again you can order a snack and eat it by the pool; lying on your sunbed like the old Romans used to do or sitting at a table outside just in front of the pool.

That way you can simply eat by the pool and relax, wearing your swimming outfit with no need to take a shower or get changed to have lunch.
You will also make your children happy because they won’t need to leave the pool and their water games to have lunch – you know they’d hate sitting at a restaurant table waiting for the dishes to be served when they could be outside playing around the pool.

So simply order hamburgers, chips, rolls, toasted sandwiches and salads that will be served to you by the pool.