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Excursions Guided excursions in the gulf

Diano Marina is not only a sea resort because you can also discover a fantastic hinterland not far away.

The hotel is only a few minutes away on foot from the ligurian path (from Luni to Ventimiglia) which is part of the Ligurian hiking network.
Every year we engage a tourist guide to lead our clients to the discovery of the interland on a series of walking tours for free. Take advantage of this offer and check with us for the dates of excursions, it’s free:

The Gulf of Diano includes 7 main centers: Diano Marina, Diano Arentino Diano San Pietro, Villa Faraldi, San Bartolomeo al Mare, and Cervo.

Cervo is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy; you can get there by bike, car or even by bus
Another important historical center with a fantastic view of the Gulf is Diano Castello and you can easily reach it by riding one of our electric bikes.
If you want to take a longer tour among the olive trees, we suggest you go up to Diano Castello then continue to Diano Arentino. To return go down the hill to Diano Borello and then to Diano San Pietro. When you reach Diano Marina ride onto the inner road (the Rovere) running parallel to the main road (Via Aurelia) until you arrive to Cervo. Then back to Diano Marina riding on the sea front.


From the 6th of July to the 6th of September, we have a guide who will  show you the Dianese gulf and the surrounding areas. Join an excursion for free, we will pay for it!

We recommend that you bring breathable technical clothing, shoes with soles suitable for trails and dirt roads, protection from the sun, a windbreaker and a good supply of water.

Below is a list of the hikes you can do this summer.

San Bartolomeo Loop
Distance: 6 Km - Elevation Gain +/- 200 m - Lenght: 3 h
Discover the nature right at the back of the coast, among pine trees and olive groves that smell of Mediterranean scrub.
Serreta Loop
Distance: 8 Km - Elevation Gain +/- 250 m - Lenght: 3 h
History, nature and an amazing bouquet of Mediterranean perfumes will feature our walk on the ridge from where we overlook the beautiful gulf of Diano Marina.
Villa Faraldi Loop
Distance: 7 Km - Elevation Gain +/- 400 m - Lenght: 3 h
Historic trails will lead us to the ridge that divides the Dianese gulf and the Merula Valley walking through beautiful oak and pine woods and a colorful garden created by the typical Mediterranean vegetation.
Cervo Loop
Distance: 7 - Elevation Gain +/- 300 m - Lenght: 3 h
A wonderful trail that will bring us to enjoy magnificent Mediterranean landscapes and environments from the hills upon the beautiful medieval village of Cervo.
Chiappa Loop
Distance: 7 - Elevation Gain +/- 250 m - Lenght: 3 h
On this trip we will discover the back country of San Bartolomeo al Mare, the culture and the traditions of the local farmers. We will walk through the old terraces and we will reach a stunning view point from where to admire all the ligurian coast.
Picco Ritto Loop
Distance: 8 Km - Elevation Gain +/- 300 m - Lenght: 3 h
An excursion where the Mediterranean region meets the Alpine region, straddling to worlds so different, yet so close, on a panoramic terrace between the Alps and the Ligurian Sea.
Dolcedo - Lecchiore Lakes
Distance: 8 Km - Elevation Gain +/- 350 m - Lenght: 3 h
A hike through the villages of the municipality of Dolcedo to the picturesque lakes where it will be possible to take a cool dip under the the forest canopy.
Ariolo Mount
Distance: 8 Km - Elevation Gain +/- 300 m - Lenght: 3 h
A hike along the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri that will take us on a walk suspended between the Alps and the Riviera di Ponente with its valley descending to the sea.
Tovo Loop
Distance: 6 Km - Elevation Gain +/- 300 m - Lenght: 2 h
Travelling along the historic mules tracks, we will walk among ancient cultivations in lush Mediterranean scrub with magnificent views straddling the Dianese Gulf and Val Merula.
The reception staff will be pleased to give you all indications on the best way to make your excursions, according to the time of the year and your preferences.