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Excursions Guided excursions in the gulf

Diano Marina is not only a sea resort because you can also discover a fantastic hinterland not far away.

The hotel is only a few minutes away on foot from the ligurian path (from Luni to Ventimiglia) which is part of the Ligurian hiking network.
Every year we engage a tourist guide to lead our clients to the discovery of the interland on a series of walking tours for free. Take advantage of this offer and check with us for the dates of excursions, it’s free:

Escursioni Escursioni guidate nel golfo

To plan your excursions you find the best site here If you want to go a little farther , there are so many places that are worth while seeing besides the Gulf of Diano Marina.
The reception staff will be pleased to give you all indications on the best way to make your excursions, according to the time of the year and your preferences.