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Hotel Our History

The Hotel delle Mimose was first the residence of the Giusto’s family in 1949 where they used to grind the grain in an electric crusher. As they had some spare rooms, the mother started to rent them to passers by offering also the food she used to cook.

With time the crusher was no longer remunerative but more guests arrived so in 1958 the Giustos decided to close the crusher and expanded the building with some new rooms.It was tourism boom so in 1968 the ground floor and the 1st floor were enlarged and in 1973 the second floor and the attic were built.
In the 80’s a new kitchen was built and in the 90’s the dining room was widened. From 1997 the Burrows family has taken over the management of the hotel and in 2005 they have acquired the property and renovated all rooms and bathrooms.